We create smiles

Helping entrepreneurs across the world

As of 2019 we have helped fund 43 projects across 24 countries. We are proud to give a hand up to entrepreneurs across the globe.

At Fluffli, we believe in creating smiles. Smiles have no boundaries. They dissipate discord, eliminate language barriers, and bring people together. We love to celebrate.

We create smiles in the communities in which we operate but we also strive to create smiles for those less fortunate. Not everyone has the same opportunities as we do. We are privileged to be able to offer opportunities in small ways and in doing so create smiles where they didn’t exist before.

Together, we create smiles.

We partner with Kiva to micro-lend funding to people in countries with less opportunity than ours. With your assistance we help fund entrepreneurs that are trying to create their own success stories. Regardless of race, age, sex, or country, when a person accomplishes something they never thought possible smiles are created. We love being a part of that.

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We feature certain products in which proceeds go directly to help us fund more projects. By purchasing those products you we have a greater global impact. Alternatively, you can create your own account with Kiva and use as little as $25 to empower people to move forward with their dreams.

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Curious how we are doing? Please visit our public Kiva lending page to see how we are making a difference.